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Presence is a state of being aware of and centered in oneself while maintaining attunement to and engagement with another person (Hayes & Vinca, 2017). The ability to be fully present with and for the client in a therapy session, cultivates a safe and supportive relational connection, which allows for the client to open up (Geller, 2013). Geller, Greenberg & Watson (2010) have developed the Therapeutic Presence Inventory for therapists (TPI-T) to study the construct. The TPI-T does not exist in Dutch, even though presence seems to be a prerequisite for effective therapy and therefore an important construct to measure (Hayes & Vinca, 2017). This study aims to systematically translate and culturally adapt the TPI-T into the Dutch language. Experts will conduct a forward translation and backward translation, researchers will review the versions in between and eventually pre-test the final version by cognitively interviewing Dutch therapists.