Feasibility of an adjusted version of the systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving (STEPPS) for older adults with poor emotion regulation strategies.


Recent research has emphasized the importance of adaptions in psychotherapy for older adults. The aim of the current study is to evaluate whether an adaptation of the STEPPS protocol will enhance the feasibility of STEPPS (in Dutch: VERS) in a group of older adults with poor emotion regulation strategies. In order to do so at first an expert-meeting using the Delphi-method is held to reach consensus on the necessary adjustments of the STEPPS protocol. Secondly, the feasibility of the adjusted STEPPS protocol for the elderly will be examined in outpatients mental health settings. Results will be compared to a currently performed pilot study by Ekiz and colleagues. It is expected that the adjusted STEPPS protocol will be feasible in the target group of older patients. In addition, we expect to find higher efficacy in comparison to the current pilot study by Ekiz and colleagues.


Breburg, Mondriaanen GGzE

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Deelname multicenter onderzoek van Breburg, Mondriaanen GGzE
Duur van het onderzoek:
mei 2020 tot juni 2022
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Suzanne Knol